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About the ROI – Reliability of Income® Profiler

Your personal goals and priorities should determine the type of strategy you use to create retirement income. The ROI Profiler helps you and your advisor arrive at the strategy that best reflects your needs. The ROI Profiler helps by:

  1. Quantifying your sensitivity to investment volatility
  2. Determining your need for stable, lifetime income
  3. Assessing your need for liquidity in the strategy
  4. Determining how important leaving a legacy fund is to you

Use the ROI Reliability of Income® Profiler to understand the characteristics of the retirement income strategy that is best for you. The Profiler assesses four areas that are important.

1. Stable Income Influence

  • Measures your preference for an income that is stable and predictable

(Remember that annuities, which can add stable income to your strategy, are long-term investments that are for retirement income purposes. Any guarantees provided are based upon the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurer, as well as upon compliance with product requirements.)

2. Risk Tolerance Influence

  • Measures the level of investing risk you are comfortable in taking

3. Liquidity Need Influence

  • Measures your need for liquidity in your income strategy

4. Legacy Desire Influence

  • Measures your desire for a legacy to be left to family members or a charity

Please answer the 34 questions that follow. Your scores will help me tailor a customized income plan.

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