The Future of Wealth Management Centers Around Women
Select Advisors Serving Womens' Income Planning Needs

Not for Everyone!

When it’s available to ONLY 500 PEOPLE in the entirety of the United States, then, yes, it’s not for everybody.

The fact is, Women & Income is as far from “common” as one can imagine. Start with the market focus. This is the first retirement income solution that’s ever been crafted specifically for the women Boomer market. Crafted for their needs and their concerns.

For the financial advisor, Women & Income surpasses other retirement income solutions in ways large and small. It addresses a financial opportunity so incredibly large it’s challenging to get one's mind around it: $30 Trillion by the end of the decade. But it’s not the scale of the available investment assets that compelled Wealth2k to create Women & Income. Rather, it’s the cultural and demographic dynamics that drive our business and which are likely to inhibit financial advisors’ success unless successfully addressed.

Financial advisors are overwhelmingly male

As you know, financial advisors are overwhelmingly male. And according to research, many male advisors are not effective in working with women. The research on this topic is clear and easily available if you wish to dig into it. McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, The American College, Merrill Lynch and many other organizations have looked at the issue. For too many male advisors, the current state is simply problematic. Unless males begin to do a better job of relating to Boomer women, their professional futures are likely to be less fulfilling than otherwise possible.

Male advisors are often fired by widows

Already we know that when husbands die, there’s a high probability that the male advisor will be fired by the widow. We believe that Women & Income will help you avoid that outcome.

Moreover, we believe Women & Income will help you attract more women clients in the first place. How? We’ve built systems for client acquisition on Facebook that we guarantee will bring you 20 qualified leads each and every month. What’s a “qualified” lead? Not just a name and address but rather an actual attendee to one of your online or in-person seminars.

Women & Income
as a career move

Think of Women & Income as a defined path to follow- a well-conceived career move to increase your professional and financial success both in the near term and long term. Like we said, it’s not for everybody. This is a system of exclusivity that’s high-end, intelligently focused, timely, much-needed and lucrative. Review this website and if you feel you are a candidate for Women & Income, schedule an interview by visiting

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