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What is Wealth Ladders®

Wealth Ladders® is a personalized, annuity strategy for a portion of your assets. It helps strengthen your retirement security. Wealth Ladders® is for individuals who wish to avoid subjecting all of their savings to market risk, and who prefer predictable income they can't outlive.

Why is it important?

Many retirees, especially Constrained Investors, benefit from a source of safe, predictable income that, when added to Social Security, can be used to fund a retiree's most vital living expenses.

When it comes to planning retirement income, experts recommend that retirees first create a “floor” of safe income that, when added to Social Security, creates enough monthly income to meet a retiree's vital living expenses.

Examples of Vital Expenses that should be matched against predictable income sources.


The "Income Gap"

The Income Gap is the difference between the income Social Security provides and what you need to fund your minimally acceptable lifestyle.

An Example: Calculating Ron's Income Gap


Ron’s Vital Monthly Expenses ($)

Ron’s Social Security Benefit ($)

Ron’s Monthly Expense Gap ($)


This the amount of monthly income that Ron's savings must generate. This income should be as certain as possible.

Wealth Ladders® can help Ron bridge the gap in his income. While it's a is truly flexible strategy, one popular design works like this.

How the Wealth Ladders®Strategy Works

Immediate Income Annuity Segment

The Immediate Income Annuity Segment provides guaranteed income for a period of five years. While it provides income, the other segments have the opportunity to accumulate on a tax deferred basis.

Accumulation Annuity Segment

Beginning in year six, the premium in this segment provides guaranteed income for years six through ten. While this income is being provided, the Longevity Annuity Segment and Time-Capsule Annuity segments continue the opportunity to accumulate on a tax deferred basis.

Longevity Annuity Segment

Beginning in year eleven, this segment provides income that is guaranteed to continue for life.

Time-Capsule Annuity Segment

This segment has a special role. It remains in place to serve as a buffer to provide income or emergency cash when and if needed. Or, it could serve as the source of a death benefit for your loved ones.

The Wealth Ladders®Strategy Offers Four Big Benefits

1. Three Phases of Retirement Covered by Guaranteed Monthly Income

  •  Years 1-5
  •  Years 6-10
  •  Years 11 continuing for life

2. Safe, Tax-Deferred Growth of Savings
3. No Stock Market Exposure
4. Timing Risk and Longevity Risk Protection

The Wealth Ladders®Strategy Developer

David Macchia, MBA, RMA, CBBF
Author, Constrained Investor®
Developer of WealthLadders®

Nationally-recognized retirement income planning expert, David Macchia, developed Wealth Ladders® as an option for Constrained Investors who prefer that a portion of their retirement savings be used for safe accumulation and guaranteed retirement income.

"Financially, nothing is more important to a retiree than income. That’s because, in retirement, it’s your income, not your savings, creates your standard-of-living. If you want to have the best chance of a financially secure retirement, step one is to determine if you are a Constrained Investor®. If you are, Wealth Ladders® can help you build a “floor” of safe income that lasts for life."

David Macchia

Are you a Constrained Investor®?

Invest 10-minutes to learn why it’s important that you understand what it means to be a Constrained Investor®.

Two Major Risks Faced by a Constrained Investor®

Timing Risk

“It’s a big, scary monster of a financial threat. Don’t let it consume your income.”

Did you know that a retiree could lose tens-of-thousands or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in retirement income simply by picking the wrong month to retire?

Learn why your income strategy should protect against Timing Risk. Watching the movie may save you tens-of-thousands or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in retirement income.

Longevity Risk

No retiree stops needing income.

Learn how Wealth Ladders® protect against Longevity Risk.

This movie explains how longevity can devastate one's retirement security. Learn why you need protection against Longevity Risk™.

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