Constrained Investor®

Don’t risk your retirement security.

Are you a Constrained Investor? Do you know how much of your savings you can safely spend each month? If you are approaching retirement, or already retired, use the calculator below to find out if you’re constrained. If you are, you’ll want to be cautious about the strategy you use to create your monthly income. Consider The Income for Life Model®. It’s an investment strategy with the objective of creating inflation-adjusted income for life. Ask for a free Personalized Analysis.

Find out if you are a

Constrained Investor

Annual Income You Expect from Savings
Your Total Retirement Savings
Your Income-to-Assets Ratio
You are an OVERFUNDED Investor
Congratulations! You are lucky enough to have more savings than is needed to generate your expected annual retirement income. Unlike Constrained Investors, you may need less protection against The 3 Big Risks, because your financial cushion is greater.
You are an UNDERFUNDED Investor
To meet your monthly income goal you will need to increase the amount you save, or, reduce your expected income to an amount that better aligns with the size of your retirement nest egg.
You are a CONSTRAINED Investor
See the section below to learn the next steps you can take to help strengthen your retirement security.

You’re a Constrained Investor®

Time to be cautious about planning your retirement income.

You need to carefully design your strategy for monthly income. Why? Your total savings amount isn’t high relative to the income you expect to generate. This means less margin for error. You should try to manage The 3 Big Risks™.

  • To help mitigate longevity risk, your income strategy should include a measure of lifetime guaranteed income. A straightforward income annuity will help.
  • To plan for the impact of rising process, your strategy should expose an appropriate amount of savings to equity investments. Seek investments with low fees and expenses.
  • You will benefit from a formal, written plan describing your income strategy.
  • Ask for a Personalized Analysis of The Income for Life Model®, an investing strategy developed for Constrained Investors like you.
Next Steps:
  • Learn about The Income for Life Model by watching the movie called “What’s My Income?™

What's My Income?

  • Request a complimentary Personalized Analysis. It describes your personal plan for creating retirement income.
  • Consult with a financial advisor specializing in retirement income planning. You may request that an advisor contact you by completing the form on the Need an Advisor? Page.

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